Rotolene; El mejor compuesto para la industria del rotomoldeo


Medium density linear Polyethylene Copolymer, with a UV stabilizer.

Rotolene 93050 is an excellent quality polyethylene; due to its properties, itis the most used compound for the manufacture of water tanks, containers, and various roto molded items, such as: pots, toys, etc.

Line Colors

White, Beige, Light Gray, Blue Polymers and Blue Tanks.

  Rotolene un compuesto insuperable


Natural powdered resin and pellet with the highest whiteness, fine finish on the exterior coat and fine texture.

This resin is used as the base resin in the manufacture of colored compounds for Rotational Molding in various colors, presenting the maximum homogenization of line colors and special colors, obtaining a fine finish in the external coat.

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